Our People

As a non-profit organization, the North Shore German School depends on the on-going commitment, support and kind generosity of all of those who are involved in our school. A grant from the government of Germany allows us to offer our participating families excellent educational value at modest rates. Our qualified staff, parent volunteers and members of the board work tirelessly to provide the best experiences possible, while our sponsors and participating families are vital in helping us attract new students year after year.

Our Faculty:
Our faculty is comprised of qualified teaching professionals who are also native German speakers. Our principal, Christine Colbow, has been overseeing our school since 1984.

Our Families:
Our families come from a wide variety of backgrounds both with and without a German-speaking heritage. We are united in our belief that there is great value in teaching our children another language and that their horizons and opportunities will be significantly expanded as a result. For those of us whose roots are German-speaking be it German, Austrian, Swiss or other, it’s an opportunity to keep our culture and traditions alive and to connect with the local German-speaking community. And for those of us who come from other backgrounds, it’s an opportunity to expose our children to a language and culture that is both rich in history as well as filled with future promise.

Our Sponsors:
Vielen Dank to all of our kind sponsors!

To find out more about how you can help promote or support our school, please contact us at: 604.926.2730 or at chriscol@shaw.ca